Trademark Policy

Ownership & Trademark Policies


Jester Jackpots™ is a registered trademark. All Site Content is the sole property of Jester Jackpots™. All copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights in, associated with or utilized on the Site or the Site Content are the properties of Jester Jackpots™. "Site Content" pertains to any text, information, data, software, material, statements and images, as well as graphics, interactive features, video and audio, if any, displayed and/or used on this Site.
Affiliates and non-affiliates who are suspected of being in violation of one or more subjects mentioned in the "Violation of Trademark Policies" will be subject to a full investigation and could face criminal charges. Affiliates will also automatically have their accounts suspended pending further investigation.

List of possible trademark violations (concerning affiliates and non-affiliates)


  • Domain Names Purchases - it is forbidden to buy or use domains that contain our brands" keywords in any way.
  • Social Accounts Creation - it is forbidden to create social accounts using our brands' keywords. For example: Facebook™, Facebook™ groups, Twitter™, Tumblr™, Blogger™, YouTube™, Flickr™ and any other social account that has not been mentioned here.
  • Content Duplication - it is forbidden to use our unique content (e.g. landing pages, advert ideas, site content/pages, etc) to promote other brands or for other purposes that have not been mentioned here.
  • PPC Campaigns
    1. Search Engines - it is forbidden to include keywords that contain our brands" names in a PPC campaign in any way.
    2. You must add all our brands" keywords to your 'negative keywords list" in any match type variation (e.g. broad, phrase and exact) for all available search engines, including: Google™, Bing™, Yahoo™ and any other Search Engine that has not been mentioned here.
    3. E.g. For Jester Jackpots: both "Jester Jackpots" and "jesterjackpots" in any match type is forbidden.
  • Facebook Campaigns - it is forbidden to target our community pages or groups with adverts.